Sunday, April 29, 2012

What's that town called?

blouse/LushviaWolfgang  loafers/Wanted  shorts/thrifted  bracelets/handmade

SUCH….an amazing weekend. Whew. I am certainly exhausted from travelling and running all over Savannah. I just adore that city…le sigh. I could totally live in Savannah, if it were just a wee bit bigger. But, I went with my two best friends for one’s birthday celebration and we did the place up right. J The entire day consisted of coffee, shopping, tea, more thrift shopping, cafes, drinks, people watching in the park, a GORGEOUS sunset on the roof, and the best tacos I’ve ever eaten in my life.  

The Paris Market on Broughton.

Studded loafers. :)

French Marshmallows!

80's Party at Civvies. 

Needless to say, I dressed fairly casual for all the walking I knew we’d be doing. But, I’m pretty obsessed with this Lush shirt from Wolfgang and I think it’s pretty rad dressed down with these thrifted denim shorts. Oh, and these Wanted studded shoes!! I finally got them in the mail last week. Amazingly comfortable. Totally withstood hours and hours of foot travel. J

Marc Jacobs lust. 

Firefly Cafe

Basement bar love. 

Savannah Candy Kitchen...yummmmm. 

Monster Cookie. 

Rocks on the Rooftop. Best bar in Savannah...and almost anywhere else. 


Chicken tacos with fig sauce. Salivating. 

Best purchase ever. So lovely. 

One of the best parts of road trips is always the drive. We were so eager to be there on the way, some pretty amazing conversation ensued. (Insert sarcasm here.) At some point there was a conversation about a new town on an exit called Horse Stamp Punch Road. (wtf?!) Yeah, but what’s the town going to be called? Hmm…welcome to Georgia, folks.  

Sara Louise is such an artist. :) 


  1. Cool blouse!

  2. hahah love the last picture, it looks exactly like you guys. aw, looks like you had an awesome weekend! all those food shots got me hankering for some sweets, i'm def. raiding walgreens during lunch. and love your 80s dresses! that sounds awesome, i want to find an 80s party haha

  3. love all of this!

  4. i've never been to savannah, but i am DYING to go, thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!!!

  5. i love that top i have been obsessed with shoulder cut outs lately!


  6. Saw the pic on Pinterest of you in front of a black door.... "Where is she"?????????? okay... so "Auntie" goes to the source!!! blog land.... OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH .... she is in Savannah!!!!! Sounds like you had an awesome trip!!! Auntie T