Monday, May 7, 2012

Be Still My Heart...

Once upon a time, I was in a department store. When I was ten or eleven, I remember being with my Mom at Dillard's semi-annual shoe sale. What was originally intended to be a trip to the mall turned into a day of shopping. I sat in the Womens shoe section for about two hours that day. (A fact I feel sure my Mom will deny even today.) I was utterly unamused and I think I thought I would die of boredom. 

It's ironic because for the past decade, (give or take a few....ok fine give a few) I've developed a somewhat unhealthy obsession with shoes. I adore all types of fashion, but there's something about footwear that makes my heart ache. It's very convenient that I can blame it on genetics. ;) Now days, my job gives me reason to sift through various blogs and websites for new trends in accessories and I don't even have to feel bad about it. :) These are the things I'm most obsessed with as of late....


  1. I accept full responsibility for making you a shoe fanatic...worse things could happen! I am just jealous that I can't wear all of these cute shoes anymore! And....I seem to remember a fairly recent trip to the Dillard's shoe dept. with you and YOU were trying on shoes...Michael Kors I believe!!...and we bought them!!

    So glad I could have such a positive influence on you!! Love you!

    P.S. - talk about irony...while I was posting this I got an email from Nina Shoes...too funny!!!

  2. Huh, I'm obsessed about shoes too. Just yesterday - bought two pairs :)

    And I love those first ones you've posted

    Daria, the Fashionsurfer

  3. love the first pair of shoes

  4. Those lace boots are amazing!

    xo Jennifer