Monday, June 11, 2012

Standing on One Leg

It has been pouring buckets in town! We haven't had a break from the rain here in a solid week. I have to admit, I'm quite a fan of the rain and would prefer this type of weather over the scorching sun any day of the week. But, it's proven very difficult to get around in! I went to dinner in this dress Friday night and got soaked on the way out of the restaurant. The under layer of this beauty is sheer so......there was almost a wardrobe mishap going on. Luckily, I was with my BFF and we just hopped right in the car and made the trip home so i could change into some sweats and make some hot tea! 

dress/Billabong  bag+shoes/UrbanOutfitters  bracelet+earrings/vintage

I picked up this lovely dress at a shop out at the beaches when I was there for lunch with a friend from college last week. We decided to do some perusing at the local surf shops and I fell in love with this frock. Like love at first sight..pick me up..check out now kind of a relationship. Feel me? I'm sooo glad I got it. It's part of the new Billabong line for summer. At the risk of sounding repetitive, I LOVE HI-LO skirts. I have a strange affinity for anything whimsical or old world and when this skirt ripples behind me as I walk, I feel like a princess! It creates such a dramatic effect and who couldn't use a little more drama in their wardrobe? :) 

I think the print is really clever as well. This flamingo print is perfectly summer and yet its a great moody black and white, and thus perfectly suited for my wardrobe. In case you haven't noticed, I steer clear of too much color. A pop here and there is usually all you'll get from me. I'm pretty much obsessed with black. It's so classic and therefore enables me to accurately represent who I am, even if I'm taking a small sartorial risk or trying a new trend. Black always saves the day. Some of the most iconic fashion heroines (Audrey and Coco and Marilyn..anyone?) were most often seen in darker hues or simple crispy white. Always a good idea to take a nod from those who've already done it best. 


  1. I adore this dress!

    xo Jennifer

  2. Yup, us too! We've had so much rain the last little while!! And my goodness I love your dress + your styling of it. I'm such a fan of simple & beautiful outfits!! xo V

  3. love this look! the print on your dress is fab and i love the hi-low part too! plus how you styled it with tan glads... perf! xoxo linds {{}}