Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vampire Hunter...

blazer/NastyGal  bag+zebrabracelet/UO  shorts/vintageLevi's  belt(as bracelet)/cottonon  watch/MichaelKors

I got the cobalt beach club blazer from Nasty Gal in the mail this week and was simply delighted. I love getting things in the mail. It's like Christmas in the middle of the year. :) NG is still having a great summer sale and I suggest checking it out quickly before it's all gone. 

This hair dye is not permanent for the record. However, it soon shall be. I wanted to give it a test run with washable dye before I had my stylist do the real thing. I have to say....I'm a tad obsessed. I adore it so much that I'm definitely going to commit to the permanent dye. (Permanent being relative since color washes out of my hair like no tomorrow! I give it a month...) 

I'm going to keep it relatively short tonight because I just bought Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and I'm more than a little excited about that. 


  1. i think EXACTLY the same thing- everytime you're waiting for something in the mail it's like waiting for presents. the worst part is if it never comes -__-

    and love the dye!! i'm obsessed with dip-dye hair and this looks so awesome on you. you look perfect for summer! can't wait to see how the permanent one turns out

  2. Great jacket!
    Love your ombre hair :)

    xo Jennifer