Monday, March 26, 2012

Hey folks, 

I guess this is my inaugural post. I used to have a blog called Very Pleasantly Jaded when I lived in Seattle, Washington doing a college internship in the Summer of 2010. However, when I returned to Jacksonville to finish my last year of college, it kind of went from being amazing to the wayside. Alas, I love blogging and hardly anything makes me as happy as going back and looking at my blogs from those days. That time in my life is really what got me interested in blogging and is ultimately the reason I have discovered so many bloggers that provide me with daily style inspiration.

My "About Me" is a pretty faithful summary. As for anything else, I'm a manager at ye olde Urban Outfitters. I love my job. It's fun and I get to be at the forefront of fashion for people who like the things that I like. (In no way are the things that I blog sponsored or paid for etc etc...obviously.) I like to read books. I love a lot. My family is pretty boss, so that's that. Oh, "Intricately Disheveled" is basically a double metaphor for the physical look of my hair pretty much all the time (rarely brushed) and my life 100% of the time. Nothing ever goes the way it's planned, but it always works out to be pretty great, anyway. Eventually, I'd like to begin "style" posting my own outfits again. Stay tuned! 

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