Saturday, March 31, 2012

Movie Montage...

I love to play music when I get dressed. I turn on Pandora or turn up my iTunes every morning because there is truly something to be said about musically inspired style. Having good music playing in the background is essential to the creative process and also sets the tone of my day. Some of the best music and most downloaded artists are a huge part of fashion week because it is an opportunity to be involved in a choice that is ultimately one we all make each day; what do I put on my body when I leave my house? Or, more accurately, how do I want others to perceive me? How weird would it be if the models strutted down the runway in silence? You need the music to facilitate the mood the clothes convey. This is just as true in life. Maybe I'm partial to this Refinery 29 article because I fancy a little movie montage action every now and then. :) Either way, have a look and decide for yourself. Some of these songs are frequent visitors in my closet (ahem I mean room), Helena Beat? Yes, please. And The Head and the Heart? still my heart.

Also,  I guess I'm going to do this bloglovin' thing since it seems like the only thing to do! Many of my favorite bloggers reside there and I just sort of fell into it! Follow if you please. :)

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Okay, I think that's probably all I'm going to share. :) Maybe one day, I'll get cool buttons on the blog that'll link you right to these things.


  1. love this look! and i too love getting dressed to music!

  2. Since you introduced me to blogging ... back in 2010 from Seattle......:) then I guess I should check out the new (albeit not from Seattle :( blog!!!) Love the pics I saw of you in the skirt and vest!!!! (oh... how in sight ful of you to name the blog after your hair!!!) pretty funny stuff!! Looking forward to some GOOD READS!!!!! Auntie