Friday, March 30, 2012

Ebb and Flow

Welcome to the world of living in a denim vest. I should probably mention that I wear this Insight shearling /denim piece at least twice a week. It’s pretty shameful. If you work with me, you know this. But, I guess that also makes it like the best investment I’ve ever made. Look at me, I’m thrifty.

dress/Dollhouse via Wolfgang  shoes/UrbanOutfitters  vest/Insight  nails/JackieOh! by Color Club  Bag/Baggu

I HAVE to do a proper shoot with this dress sooner rather than later. This hemline is SO beautiful! I didn’t even know if I would be into the asymmetrical thing but I felt like a princess at work all day. J Whenever I walk, it floats behind me. One of the girls at work told me she kept catching herself staring at my skirt because it was creating wind as I walked! Sigh…don’t hate that one bit. But, alas it was almost dark by the time I got home because I stayed a little late at work. I almost just gave up on the photo taking situation, but I just LOVE this dress, so it was going to break my heart not to blog  it. Besides the fact I had already promised to show it on the blog! So, apologies for the grainy nature of these photos, but I think it makes them look kind of filmy, no?

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  1. Love those dresses too, they make me feel so girly. I recently bought a sheer one because of the way it moves- don't know how to wear it in public yet but I'll FIGURE IT OUT.

    Also, I have a jean vest that is one size too small on me and I love how it perks up my outfits that I refuse to throw it away, no matter how awkward it makes me look from the back. So I feel ya