Thursday, March 29, 2012

Portobello Mushrooms and Dresses...

On my days off, I try to get out and about and do some fun stuff. It’s a good way to release tension when I’ve been working a lot. I find that wasting the day away actually leads to more stress and couch guilt. I had breakfast with a friend this morning at Cool Moose Café and it was SO delicious, as usual. Also, they have a self-serve Green Mountain coffee bar and it makes my heart happy. I did some thrifting after that and picked up THE cutest little gift for my sister’s birthday, which I cannot mention lest she read today’s post. J

shorts/handmade  chambray shirt/Larke&Wolfe  top+plimsoles/UO  accessories/thrifted

These shorts are the leftover descendant of a pair of Le Folles de Joie jeans I purchased in the fall. It's summer now and I kind of decided I didn't really need black denim since it's 1,000 degrees in Florida on a daily basis until mid October. So, I cut them and I have to say they turned out quite well. Now, I have the high rise black shorties I've been thinking of buying. Sweet! 

So, my mission was just to do a little thrifting today. But, I seriously cannot resist going in Wolfgang, a local retailer in the Five  Points neighborhood of our town.  The window is so appealing! I got a great dress for tomorrow. We’re having an important corporate visit at work and I kind of already had an outfit planned. But, this dress I picked up today is perrrfect. So, yeah…happens. If I happen to have time to get a shot of it tomorrow, I’ll post. 


  1. Mkay, I love your blog. I instantly followed it. I feel like Chicago has the worst thrifting, but I keep trying nonetheless! One of these days I'll find a treasure though, I know it.

    PS yay for bralettes! I bought one two weeks ago and can't wait for the weather to get warmer so I can prance around in one already.