Thursday, April 5, 2012

Good Friends and Pretty Things...

First and foremost, sorry about all the blabbing. But, Art Walk was a blast last night and I want to talk about it. I forgive you if you’d just like to scroll through and look at the photos. There were some really interesting characters out and about in Heming Plaza where the event is sort of gathered. (Hello storm troopers and palm reader lady.) I went to the galleries with a couple good friends and had Thai food at this wonderful place upstairs in downtown called Indochine. Then we stopped off for a drink at this hole in the wall place after. Gotta love besties night. J

top/minkpink  skirt+shoes/UrbanOutfitters  bag/vintage  sunnies/Franscesca's  bracelets/vintage

Art Walk takes place all over downtown Jacksonville, with exhibits in the Main Library and throughout the various galleries in the area. I have to say I think the post abstract expressionism art in the Museum of Contemporary Art were my favorite.  In the interest of full disclosure (and to avoid sounding like a pretentious a-hole) I’m not like, an art aficionado.  The canvas the artist used in some of those pieces was really modern though, without being…well without being too abstract. I threw in a few photos below. Most of the art featured here was already a part of someone’s personal collection. But, what’s so great about art walk is that there are also tons of local start up artists who have never sold a piece in the plaza. I bought a pair of handmade ceramic bird earrings for 4 bucks. J

There was one girl who was  still a student selling these small sketches in which she used geometric shapes drawn with pencil and highlighter. They were sweet, dude! If she has a booth again next month, I think I’ll have to bring one home. The type of art that resonates most with me tends to have been created through the use of practical materials.  I think that probably speaks to my age, but it’s true. I like a minimalist approach to almost everything lately, including my style!

 This Mink Pink top is going to get worn…out. So comfy…so cute…I love you MP. I see it going with more maxis, high rise midi skirts, layered under awesome rompers.... Yay. So, I’m going to tack this ecote skirt, because I’m a little reminiscent of Miss Angelina Jolie here. But, it worked for the night, anyway. Ugh…LOVE these floral wedges for spring. Done. Happening all season long. J

Chamblin Book Mine is the best...

Umm..yes, please?!

Our lovely city...

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  1. haha "pretentious a-hole", i feel like if you try to give your opinion on anything cultured that's how you're gonna come out sounding. what can ya do?

    thai food and palm reading- sounds like a perfect day. i cant wait til chicago rolls out its festivals and street fests already. i wanna do something else during my weekends other than watch reruns of gossip girl. gawd.

    awesome skirt by the way- very flowy and springy.