Saturday, April 7, 2012


Typically, I do not like to match. I personally can’t wear outfits with like the same color purse and shoes and jewelry. But, that’s me. More eclectic ensembles with different textures and tones appeal to me. (Tonal dressing, anyone?)

However, I couldn’t help but put on these stacked heel loafers and this blazer. Honestly, they aren’t the same exact color, so it was a little off, which I totally loved! The blazer is more rust and the shoes are scarlet. :) (nitpick)

t-shirt/marcjacobs  blazer+shoes/F21  watch+spectacles/MichaelKors  belt/Gap  jeans/UrbanOutfitters  messengerbag/H&M

I realize it’s right on the verge of matching, but with this casual t-shirt and washed out and rolled up jeans, I thought it was perfect.  By the way, this Marc Jacobs t-shirt is the comfiest item I own. It’s a boy shirt.You can probably tell by the rise of the collar. (It’s very high on my neck.) They always get the comfy stuff, though. Why can’t we be comfy and on trend sometimes?! I like the sort of masculine look of the t-shirt and blazer and then these shoes, which are like a woman version of a smoking shoe? I also realize that I've incorporated like....every major retailer in this outfit. Oops. :/ LOL

Easter is tomorrow! I’m SO excited about my Easter dress. Yay. Family photos galore shall ensue. 


  1. oh i love the colour of your blazer it is gorgeous!!

  2. I LOVE, LOVE reading your blog and seeing all of the cute outfits you put together. I also giggle a little every time I read it because I can so hear you saying these things in my head...hmmm...maybe 'cause I'm your mom and know you so well. :-) So happy you're blogging it! love YOU!!

  3. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!! I was able to post a comment!

  4. Love the blazer- and those shoes- they're a perfect match <3 <3

  5. I've been browsing through your blog wondering why I have not found it before. I love your style :)

    xo Jennifer