Monday, April 9, 2012

Country Bunny...

Whew. Easter 2012, out. I really love family holidays. But, does anyone else find them somewhat stressful, sometimes? I really love seeing my family and spending time with people you otherwise don’t get to see very often. But, in my case, having to go to more than one place and work everything out can just be so exhausting.

I have to say, I’m glad my Easter ensemble was a success. It was quite comfy, too! My shoes were very tall, but still good enough to walk in.  J I LOVE that this skirt is sheer from the knee down. It makes this dress so much more interesting. 

Our first stop was at my Mom’s family’s house, way out in the country! I found this pathway and my sister and I took some fun photos! 

dress/luccacouture  necklace+headbeads/UrbanOutfitters  shoes/PrivateGallery  bag/vintage

Now, I’m going to go put a dent in the pumpkin pie my Mom made me for Easter. She’s sweet like that. J


  1. i LOVE your dress!

  2. The backdrop of your pics are really pretty. I love a good rustic photo shoot and that's a cute knitted dress that you have on! :)

  3. What a pretty spot for photos and goodness I love this dress - it's so pretty + I adore how you've styled it. Hope your week is a fantastic one!! xo veronika

  4. i don't like that kind of dresses,but this one fits you perfectly

  5. Pumpkin pie, I want some pumpkin pie!!

    I like those sheer dresses too, I'm so glad they're everywhere now..and kinda not glad at the same time. So much TEMPTATION. Where do you guys live, that path is so pretty. You look like an album cover haha!

  6. you have the prettiest eyes! loving that dress on you!

  7. You looked GORGEOUS on Sunday - I loved the way you accessorized!

    Hope you are enjoying the pumpkin pie!

    Love you, Mom

  8. Such a cute white dress. I love the lace detail

    Suzie Q
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  9. you look absolutely beautiful, girl! i am loving that dress so much!! looking fierce! :)
    xo TJ

  10. Girl! Cutest outfit ever!!! I love the shoes with the dress, it all works so nicely. And the little headband you have on, it just pops on you perfectly. you're looking fantastic!

  11. I love that headband with your hair :)