Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Morning Light

Early bird gets the worm….or tics on their legs? Okay, not really. But, it was a definite possibility. We may or may not have trespassed on this property that is for sale a mile or two from my house for these photos. I really wanted morning light and my friend/awesome photog Brian agreed to scout this location with me. The gate was unlocked! (No breaking and entering required.) We were originally headed to a water tower close by but couldn’t get access to it from the road. I saw the sign on this field near the water tower and knew it had potential. 

pashmina/vintage  boots/DolceVita  necklace/handmadeviaWolfgang  shirt/F21  skirt/UrbanOutfitters  ring/mygrandmother's

I adore the sunlight in the morning. It’s really the only time I feel like the sun’s actual rays can be seen down here in Florida. Morning and late afternoon provide the best warm, sunny skies.  This pashmina/scarf/whatever is amazing vintage. It was given to me by one of my professors in college who I had done some cat sitting for! :) She got it a vintage retailer in Austin, TX and said she thought of me when she saw it! :) These Dolce Vita boots are another favorite item in my closet, for sure. So comfy. This skirt? Not so much. It turned out ok for work, but after seeing it in these photos, I think it’s headed to ye olde Goodwill.

So, work work work is all I have done, lately. It’s probably all I’ll continue to do for a while! I’m so grateful for my job, though. It can be stressful, sometimes. But, it’s so much fun and I’m so fortunate to work in this industry! I love this age. I’m so blessed to have so many opportunities and if I can stay motivated, I know it will pay off in the end! J (Risk of abusing a trite overused phrase…considered.) 



  1. the light IS gorgeous! and you were wearing socks and boots so you were TOTALLY safe from tics etc. I think.

  2. beautiful photos! love the boots. xx

  3. hahah you CRIMINAL. arg i'm getting pose envy, if i try doing that i end up looking silly. i should practice in front of the mirror a couple times. but the light really is pretty.

    looks like cat sitting has its perks, that's really pretty :)

  4. I just love your necklace. It's so pretty! I was thinking of getting something similar- little bottles filled with natural goodies.. or doing a diy on it. But very very beautiful!