Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day after day after day after day....

Super busy as of late. I'm bummed out that I haven't had time to do a proper outfit post this week. But, the concert last week was such a blast! Beach House is so dreamy. Like take your breath away, make you think about your life lovely. Victoria Legrand's voice is a dream. Anyway, I got home in just enough time to grab a shower and a three hour nap and then off to Tennessee! (which was also amazing...and so beautiful.) Snapshots ensued. 

Beach house Rocks. 

One wish: Victoria Legrand's hair. 

River House! 

Coffee on the Tennessee River

Family Time

Catfish! (we threw him back and he lived FYI) 

Rock Climbing!

Sisters (with messy boat hair)

Cliff Jumping!

Trey caught his first fish ever! :)


  1. finallyyyy you're back- you've left me bored at work. oh Tennessee!! those are my favorite vacations. being a city kid i think it's so fun swimming in rivers, hiking, and trying fishing. you look like you had a blast. and i wanna check out this band, all my ipod playlists are boring me :P

  2. I've heard Beach House is a great show to see from many people. Lovely photos, Tennessee is beautiful country.