Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Excuse me, is that "Sartorially Correct?"

I stumbled upon an article on Refinery 29 this morning that was especially interesting to me, considering my work in the retail industry. The ever popular "festival" girl doesn't seem to be leaving us at least until after summer, and with it brings print after bohemian print usually derived from one indigenous culture or another somewhere remote and seemingly exotic. I suppose prints from far away lands bring out the wanderlust in all of us and so helplessly enthrall us in the whimsy of the (recently not so) mysteriously beheld "hippy" lifestyle.

But, recognizing the difference between textiles can be difficult, even for those in the proverbial "biz." So, how does any customer, whether shopping limited label Missoni or at the Gap, really know what to ask for? Does it really matter what the print is called in regards to its cultural origin? I can't be sure. I don't think any smart retailer sets out to offend cultural groups, if not only because it's hardly savvy business practice. But, is it possible we've become too "politically correct?" So much so that we have to make up ridiculously hard to remember and sometimes even more difficult to pronounce names for Hawaiian shirts? (Ahem: Aloha Print...alright so that one is pretty simple.) Just a thought.....perhaps a totally off base one at that. However, considering it is my blog, I suppose I'm allowed to rant then? :) I would love to hear opinions about this one, though. Tell me I'm wrong! Nothing I love more than a good style debate. :) :)

Check the article out here: http://www.refinery29.com/fashion-prints-hawaiian-tribal/slideshow#slide-1

Aloha Print

Dutch Wax Print

 And the very popular Ikat print..

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  1. i huess it's necessary or else people wouldn't know how to describe it if they were referring directly to it. like how would you describe ikat print if it didn't have a name? "you know, the print with the ziggy zaggy squiggles" haha. but i know what you mean. a hawaiin shirt is a hawaiin shirt, we don't have to get all strict and say it's the aloha print. and someone explain to me how that one crazy busy one is "dutch"? since when did they get cool