Monday, October 15, 2012

Autumn Tales and Adventures Pt. 1

Being on vacation is seriously the best. I just got back from North Carolina a couple of hours ago now, but I wanted to take advantage of this moment to look through photos and blog because I have like...a second before I get ready take off again on another adventure! I would like to apologize in advance for the overwhelming amount of photos that are about to appear on the screen. If you're not in the mood for photo stalking, I suggest you stop reading right now.

Otherwise, I shall regale you with tales of the beauty and wonder that is the Blue Ridge Mountains.

riding boots/aldo  dress+jacket/UO     

My friend Brian and I had a lovely brunch at Mayfel's to start the day. Before that morning, I had never experienced the joy that is an omelette with avocado, brie cheese, and chorizo sausage. Now I have and it totally changed my life. Brian's hamburger had an egg on it. A meal for the history books. 

There is an antique store/vintage showroom in Asheville called The Screen Door that is a must do on the agenda anytime I'm in the state., most definitely one of the best upsell stores I've ever been in. Period. Every single booth has its own really detailed point of view and the sellers actually take the time to style the items, which to me makes a world of difference and vastly sets the store apart from most of the others of its kind I've been in. Not to mention, their stock is outrageous. I've never met any of the sellers, but they must be vintage savants.

Everytime we go, I walk out with at least one purchase. This time it was the lovely typewriter featured below. I've been searching for a really old typewriter for a while and the few I've found in Jacksonville were all almost $100. I paid a good deal less than that for this one! :)

If this had a strap, it would be mine....

Oh, welcome to my palatial estate. 

Mine! <3

After we left The Screen Door, we drove up Pisgah Mountain and did some light hiking to one of the falls. I was wearing a lace dress. Genius. It was okay for rock hopping, I just had to hike it up a bit. :) We got some gorgeous photos of the sunset over the mountain. Since I was a child on family vacations, I've always found the mountain forest to be so majestic. Maybe it's because I was born and raised in a state with virtually no elevation or climate shifts (ever), or because the mountains remind me of a time when everyone was together. No parents were stressed; there was no homework to worry about or chores to do. All you had to do is smile, and skip a stone or two across the creek. Or perhaps I just watched Pocahontas too many times as a child. :) But, seriously. Colors of the Wind? Epic. 


  1. I Love your dress!

    xo Jennifer

  2. Love all of the pictures. I do believe I would be in heaven roaming through The Screen Door...I must put this on my bucket list! Also, the lace dress - amazing how you can make an elegant lace dress you wore at Easter look so perfect for shopping, sightseeing, and even hiking! Adorable! Love the look!!

  3. Btw...cannot wait for Part II ...