Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nothin' Fancy.

I had an 8am meeting at work today on my "day off." 8 am meetings mean two things. Coffee and bagels, and definitely roll out of bed comfy attire. That's three things, actually. I'm still tired. 

shorts/vintage Levi's  bag/vintage Coach  watch+glasses/Michael Kors   blouse+shoes/UO

This Coach bag used to be my Mom's in the 90's. I am obsessed with it. Outside of not being gigantic enough to hold all of my crap, it is easily the most practical bag I own. I find myself wanting to wear it with everything....so I do. :) 

This post is sort of a small landmark for my blog. This is the very first self-photography blog post I've ever done. I'm actually quite proud of how the photos turned out. I shot models and clients for years as a photographer and was able to do some really creative things in my career. By the end, I have to admit even I was surprised by the quality of my photography and how happy all of my clients were with their photos. But, shooting one's self is quite different. The self timer is an acquired taste for sure. I have a new admiration for all of the bloggers who have been shooting themselves for years and I now feel I can relate to their embarrassment woes. Bystanders don't glance quite as peculiarly when there is a person in front of as well as behind the camera on the street. People looked at me...ahem...strange to say the least. But, that is why I picked this location. I stumbled upon this alleyway in the early days of my career as a photog and thought it was quite beautiful. The only place for the light to enter the photograph is from the sky and it creates a perfect little shadowy and yet well lit oasis. It was my "go-to" place that I could depend on for a solid set that I knew would turn out well. I figured it was as good a place as any to try out on myself! I actually think it turned out ok. What do you think?


  1. Love those cut offs! Perfect!

    xo Jennifer


  2. Great job on the self photography - all of the pics turned out GREAT! I especially like how you took pics of MY purse! :). I can't wait to see more of your photography skills with the new camera - New York pics should be amazing!!

  3. That Coach bag is so pretty- and I'd love wearing it knowing it was my mom's. It'd give me a little comfort throughout the day :) And I can't believe these are self-shot, they turned out so well! Especially the one where you're sitting on the stoop, it looks like someone shot it for you. You've got some talent :)