Monday, October 29, 2012

Empire City...

I'm just going to continue to use monikers for New York City as titles for my posts until I' m done with New York if that's cool.

This was the original line to get into Hillsong. 

So, we went to Hillsong NYC on Sunday at Irving Plaza, which was amazing and probably my favorite part of that day. After that, we went over to Washington Square Park for a little while and then we had lunch at a random pizzeria on 5th avenue before we went to see Rock of Ages, which was fun for sure. I think we stopped by Rockefeller Center that day, too. Come to think of it, I guess we squeezed a whole lot of sightseeing into that one day. That night was my official birthday celebration dinner at Beauty and Essex and it was SO amazingly good. I had spaghetti that had a fried egg on top. Stop. It. With the deliciousness....

Parsons the New School for Design

Beauty and Essex Grilled Cheese Bites

Spaghettini with an egg. 


  1. loving your outfit!


  2. Your blog is so pretty! I found it on accident but I'm glad I did! Hopefully you don't care if I follow you... These photos are beautiful. NYC is just the best. Keep up the great work :)


  3. NYC is such a wonderful place to visit. Glad to see you had a great time!

    <3 Melissa