Saturday, January 5, 2013


New York is a beautiful and tragic and magical and awful place.

There are a few things everyone should know about New York that I think no one ever really talks about. It’s really cold here in January. By that, I mean it’s so utterly bitter outside that you find yourself contemplating if it is actually physically possible for bones to freeze. Also, every few blocks you need to avoid animal feces on the sidewalk, as so many people have dogs and yet do not carry doggy bags. (?) And the 6th Ave subway often smells like pee. No grocery stores. Everything’s expensive. There’s always the uncertain risk of bed bugs. Death by moving fixed gear is a real possibility on Bedford Ave. I think the cyclists can’t see over their beards.

In spite of all that, it’s also a dreamland. As I write this, I’m contemplating the idea of ordering in for chocolate chip cookies. Only in New York can you order from 50 different restaurants, bakeries, and bodegas, whatever you want at any time of night. You can stand in a subway stop in Brooklyn and find yourself only moments later in Times Square on the most densely populated city block in the world. Or take the train a couple stops over to Washington Square Park and throw a penny into the fountain. My office in Greenwich Village, outright THE most charming neighborhood in America, is dangerously close to Bleeker Street Pizza and the view of the Hudson river is positively stunning.

I took a new route home from Williamsburg today and found a walk up vintage closet and maybe the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen, hidden away in the bustle of Driggs street.  Reclaimed hangers from Junk? Yes, please. I had a life changing hot dog that cost me 4 bucks. Yesterday, it was a Polish potato dumpling at the same price and honestly, riding the subway isn’t that bad at all. Add to that, you look across the East River and see this. You have to catch your breath.

Then there’s this amazing opportunity I keep referring to as my job. Truly, I could not stand to be more blessed. I think sometimes we ask God for something and when it finally arrives, we’re unprepared to receive it.  I have more work to do in the next month than I know what to do with. It’s going to take weekends and nights and skipped lunches. It will be far and away the most challenging task I’ve ever set out to accomplish and I wouldn’t give up a single second of it because next week I have a Skype meeting with a colleague in India. The week after that, I’ll be launching a nation wide campaign with the largest public relations firm in the country. The following week, I’ll be heading off in a tour van for 4 months to see this amazing nation we all call our home.

So I guess what I ask the world is this….If you’re not putting everything all in, what are you really doing?

New York takes everything from you and gives nothing back and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

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  1. Not only do I love this blog post, I feel more sure than ever that you are going to be fine as you begin your new journey...No...not just are going to do incredible things with your life! You are going to conquer your dreams with determination, grace and, of course, style! So...I say to you my beautiful daughter, go get 'em out she comes!! Much love and pride, Mom.

  2. I've only been once, in July, so know how hot it can get, I can only imagine how cold it can get! Burr!

    xo Jennifer

  3. I really want to visit New York because I´ve never been there. But believe me it´s not that cold there... You should visit Helsinki in the winter. -5 F and 1-2 feet of snow is something we deal with every year. I dream of a New York winter. Good luck with your job!


  4. I lived in NY for a few months and as far as I am concerned it of really the most amazing place I have ever been, and I am from Europe and I have travel quite a lot, Italy, France Holland or Germany are great and gave beautiful places to see but NY is the CITY where you can dream.
    Have an Amazing experience!
    I loved your blog and I would be happy to follow you but you don't have GFC button. :(

  5. Seeing NYC through your eyes was definitely great insight!! I agree, it definitely is beautiful, magical, tragic, and awful all at the same time. I lived off Long Island for a few years, but visiting NYC was always the thing to do on the weekends. Love your photos, brought back city memories!

    - Andrea