Friday, February 8, 2013

The Seven Year Pen

The Seven-Year Plan

Sustainability is important….plus I like a distinctly cute pen.

That’s what I was telling myself in The Write Touch back in Jacksonville when I was looking at this pen by Seltzer Made goods called The Seven Year Pen. It honestly wasn’t as expensive as some of the ink pens in the store, (people pay almost $100 for pens?! First world problems…) so I decided it would be a good investment. But, the whole idea is that it has this huge ink cartridge so you won’t run out for at least 7 years, thereby reducing your carbon footprint and creating less plastic waste. What’s the motivation for not losing it just like any other pen, you ask? It’s really stinking cute. I misplaced mine the other day and was pretty dismayed.  My friend Brian actually bought it for me that day in the letterpress store, as he was already getting a journal for me as a going away present. He figured he might as well make it the whole journalistic package, I guess.  

As I was sitting at my desk last week, writing with my pen, I looked down at it and thought about the pen’s seven year lifespan. I thought about where we (the pen and I) would be when it finally dotted its last bit of ink on a page. While I don’t know exactly where I’ll be in seven years, I do know that I’ll be thirty years old when the pen runs out of ink.

The realization stunned me a bit. Certainly, I don’t own anything that I’ll still have at thirty. That seems like a lifetime away. It’s not.

I guess I thought that would scare me a bit more. But, it doesn’t. Truthfully, I’m okay with that because I have decided to live in the truth that I can profess things over my life. Not only can I, but I should be. We shouldn’t treat this life of ours like it’s a leaf blowing in the wind. I know that in seven years, as far away as this seems today, I will be married. I will have a great job. I will be happy. I will be at least entertaining the idea of having children. These are decisions that I’ve had to make.

Obviously, as our life circumstances change, so then do our desires. For the important things in life, we make room. But, I think it’s important to note that our circumstances do not define us and they don’t decide for us. We are gloriously and independently in control of our own lives. Sure, there are disasters and unforeseen events that pop up in every person’s life. That doesn’t mean the plan has to change.

So, I have an unabashed seven year plan…..and it’s honestly far more liberating than it is confining. It’s filled with personal and professional goals. Would you like to know specifically what they are? That’s not going to happen. J After all, this is the internet. I decided to share this because I think it’s important to note that setting goals and confessing our desires is okay, even though we might trip up or fail sometimes. Thoughtful prayer and discerning choices can get us where we want to go. It might take you down a different path than you wanted to go, but you’ll arrive at the destination and it’ll be better than what you had in mind. 

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  1. I'd like to hear your plan! as we are almost the same age:)