Friday, May 31, 2013

An Opportunity of Epic Proportions.

I'm back in the Sunshine State and I realize that I haven't posted on this blog in nearly 4 months. Life has quite literally taken me down some unexpected paths throughout that time and I can now say I've been to 40 states in the Union. The Spring Tour is over, my contract with the Global Poverty Project is up, and I'm starting all over again. I am more hopeful than anything else, because I feel that I have accomplished something huge.

Struggling with decision making and planning for the future is commonplace among young millennials these days. I have always had a particular yearning for discovering new places and removing myself from my normal environment as a sort of challenge to see if I could make it. I felt somehow I could never be satisfied until I had traveled more and that becoming more "worldly" would somehow help me to learn something more about myself. It did. That escapist desire has been fully satiated, at least for a time. And I realize now that, no matter where you go, it really isn't about the weather or the buildings or the food. I have found, if I may be so bold at at the ripened age of 23, that life is really just about the people you choose to surround yourself with during your dream chase.

That's huge. That simple fact has allowed me to open up my future for a wealth of possibilities without fear of failure or judgment. Because really, all we HAVE to do in this life is love each other and have a little fun.

*TONS of photos of my cross country journey to follow in the coming days.

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